Terms of Use – Revised May 22, 2021

COMFIED (The Company) builds digital shopping tools to buyers and vendors save time and money.
Request, Discount and Basket mobile apps, bots and APIs (The Apps) are services built and operated by The Company.

The Apps have free and paid-up features.  Users may use the app free of charge, or pay to access additional premium features.

The Company expects both buyers and vendors on the platform to respect each other and be ethical in their engagements. Violation of the terms of service include:

1, Posting or responding with non-shopping or non-sale-related content;

2, Spamming/ jamming the social timeline with repeat content;

3, Posting encrypted or cryptic messages, requests, replies or discounts;

4, Promoting or encouraging sale of contraband, pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes or illegal products or services in the respective territories;

5, Bullying other users or posting insensitive, hateful, abusive or offensive content.

The Company has zero tolerance for spam and harassment. Violators will be restricted from posting, liking and responding to content posted by other users of The Apps.

The Apps enables vendors to invite and direct buyers to their online and physical shops to purchase goods and services. The Company has put mechanisms in place and taken several precautions to mitigate marketplace fraud.

Every user must first identify themselves with their mobile phone numbers before engaging on The Apps.  However, The Company urges all users to be vigilant in their commercial activities while using The Apps and take an extra step in authenticating vendors, shoppers and shopping offers.

Though we have built safe-centric processes into The Apps, we encourage users to be cautious when making sales and purchases. Here are 3 safety tips for both buyers and sellers:

  • Carefully authenticate the vendor in case you have to pay in advance for the delivery.
  • For physical purchase transactions, try to meet at a safe public location.
  • Check the item thoroughly before accepting and paying it.

The Company services are provided without warranty.  The Company does not guarantee availability or efficacy of its tools, solutions, systems, apps, reports or data. The Company may, at its sole discretion, change, discontinue, or limit access to any feature or functionality, for any reason at any time.

By installing, accepting to use and interacting with The Apps, and associated data and services, you release and hold harmless The Company, and its respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, employees and agents from any and all liability or any injury, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with The Apps, associated data, marketing communication, website or any benefits it provides.

The Company may at any time with or without a separate notice change or update this Terms of Use Agreement, and You are encouraged to review this agreement from time to time on The Company website.

If you see or hear something amiss, or wish to report something pertaining the code of conduct, or have any additional questions about The Company’s Terms of Use, you are encouraged to contact on email address: shop@comfied.com