COMFIED BLUE generates universal “neo IQ” – a dynamic, digital rating of mental performance cycles and problem-solving styles.

This rating will power optimized work productivity and disrupt human resource models in more than one way:  Job applicants will be able to include their COMFIED-generated “neo IQ” rating on their resumes so that recruiters can create most compatible teams in terms of problem solving style and mental performance cycles;  Once on the job, the most demanding tasks can be scheduled as per human team peak performances;  Remuneration for knowledge-based work can vary dynamically by the time-of-day-worker-predicted-performance, so that enterprises spend less on wages when projected output is lower.

BLUE reports personal mental performance cycles on the mobile game screen, or more intricately by integrating gameplay data with human resource management and project management systems via APIs to optimize group work schedules.

The resume of the future will include a number.  This number will determine the best task fit and team compatibility for each worker for optimized productivity.