Suite of 3 apps designed to collect and process ecommerce marketplace data, and output accurate, actionable local trend reports

COMFIED has developed three marketplace apps: Request, Discount and Basket to enable small vendors who are selling on Facebook shops, Instagram, WhatsApp Business and other online platforms engage with shoppers:

  1. Access ready-to-buy customers on a social timeline;
  2. Automate responses to customer shopping requests;
  3. Increase purchase frequency through location-based billboards of sales offers;
  4. Team-up vendors together to collaborate in hamper sales;
  5. Publish consumer trends to keep retail aligned to consumer demand.

Unlike POS systems which access only post-purchase data, COMFIED apps are first-mile shopping tools – before the decision to purchase is made. This positioning is advantageous because the volume of shopper behavior data available is much higher