Suite of 3 apps designed to reduce costs and simplify customer acquisition for online vendors selling low cost goods and services

One problem remains largely unsolved for online vendors – the cost and complexity of finding customers. High CAC drives down margins and makes it unprofitable to sell low-priced items online.

To fix this problem, COMFIED has developed three apps: Request, Discount and Basket to enable small vendors who are selling on Facebook shops, Instagram, WhatsApp Business and other online platforms lower their CAC in five ways:

  1. Access ready-to-buy customers on a social timeline;
  2. Automate responses to customer shopping requests;
  3. Increase purchase frequency through location-based billboards of sales offers;
  4. Team-up vendors together to collaborate in hamper sales;
  5. Publish consumer trends to keep retail aligned to consumer demand.

COMFIED makes it profitable to sell low cost items online using tools designed to increase sales conversion, sales frequency, sales team productivity and market alignment