Imagine a software-only connected sensor with predictive capability for versatile applications in human resource, education, healthcare and marketing.

Eliminating the need for specialized hardware IoT sensors drops user acquisition costs to near-zero, removing barriers to mass adoption.  Accurately predicting mental performance cycles translates to productivity gains, cost reductions and time savings for knowledge-based enterprises.

With mobile money ubiquity and ever decreasing transaction fees, reliance the money transfer transaction fee model is no longer sustainable.  COMFIED BLUE will sell subscriptions via mobile money agents, earning them high margins of up to 40% sales, bringing dual benefits of local social impact and localized economic value.

COMFIED innovates in the smart data space by leveraging mobile money microbusinesses to drive aggregation of mental performance data from over 4,000 cities and availing it in two ways: first, on premium  APIs for integrating into digital calendars and enterprise systems, and secondly as free open data.