AI is powering exponential efficiencies that will transform economies.  The enabling data, channels, expertise, software and hardware are now becoming available.

Faced with a near-term future where advancements in AI will keep expanding the gap between the best and rest in education, productivity and smart cities, there is immediate need for low-cost, versatile AI inclusion tools.  Most African, South American and Asian countries are trailing in AI investments, with budgets skewed towards physical infrastructure.

This is the primary motivation to build COMFIED and avail it on low-end android devices.  COMFIED runs on a predictive artificial intelligence engine.  If COMFIED can bring leap-frog benefits of AI in education, marketing, workplace productivity healthcare to everyone with an android phone, then those trailing in the AI race will not be very far behind.

COMFIED AI in itself is not a consumer service, but rather a bridge and an optimizing enabler for getting more from limited resources – especially for the rising billion.