COMFIED BLUE is a smart mobile game to measure and predict your mental performance cycles so that you can optimize personal and team productivity schedule.

BLUE is a free mobile puzzle game for all ages. During gameplay, the Artificial Intelligence engine assesses your mental performance and generates a mental performance predictive schedule. This design is an upgrade from old-school, static IQ rating – to a continuous, simplified assessment with a timeline progression and predictive capability.

BLUE has applications in education, marketing, human resource and healthcare; In education as a digital aptitude standard; In marketing as a market messaging receptive time-map; In human resource to optimize worker and team productivity; And in healthcare as a low-cost connected medical sensor for seniors.

BLUE monetizes gameplay data sharing, with an added layer of attentive cycles. With this information, you can optimize personal and group productivity, monitor health, schedule marketing messaging for best receptivity, and assess aptitude on a universal standard.