COMFIED C.O is a mobile game that uses AI to read, analyze and predict mental performance cycles of individuals and groups.

C.O mobile app is a free casual game for all ages. On C.O, you play a puzzle game against an AI opponent. During gameplay, the AI engine assesses your mental performance cycles, generating a mental performance rating. This is a dynamic rating that compares and predicts personal mental productivity cycles, an upgrade from old-school, static mental performance ratings – to a continuous, simplified assessment with a timeline progression and predictive capability.

C.O has applications in education, marketing, human resource and healthcare; In education as an integrated learning platform and digital aptitude standard; In marketing as a population receptive map for timing messaging; In human resource to optimize worker productivity; And in healthcare as a low-cost inclusion medical device for seniors.

COMFIED monetizes access to gaming data – both historical and predictive – for a subscription.

COMFIED’s AI technology predicts how attentive you’ll be later today or later this week. With this prediction, you can optimize your productivity, monitor your health against a baseline, track population receptivity for timing marketing messages, and connect ideas for integrated learning.