The first generation of “smart seniors” is now retiring with smartphones in their hands. Smart caregiving will rise as more people live longer and greater populations gain access to mobile connectivity.

Clinicians can prescribe QUÉ to seniors, as a low-cost clinical sensor app that feeds back mental health data for proactive healthcare prognosis and actionable alerts. All it takes is playing a 2-minute mobile puzzle game against an AI opponent everyday, and a simplified mental health report is generated and shared with the caregiver or doctor.

QUÉ promotes the shift from diagnose-when-unwell paradigm to a continuous, unfractured supply of health data for adaptive healthcare.  It is designed from ground up to comply with privacy demands of modern healthcare data handling: No log-in or user identity is required, and each user may choose to share their data at granular or detailed level.

If smart caregiving can be profitably commercialized and easily integrated into smart city systems, then it will become a major urban employer of the future.