The first generation of “smart seniors” is now retiring with smartphones in their hands. Bio-sensors in these smartphones will deliver personalized healthcare.

The underrated piece in the smart city puzzle is smart social care. As most formal work gets automated, social care will escape automation and remain human-centric, retaining its human touch and purpose. And if smart social care can be profitably commercialized, then it will become the urban employer of the future. Smart social care will deliver healthcare to the growing population of seniors. The “smartness” will be a process that begins with non-intrusive personal and population health data collection, and ultimately generate proactive healthcare prognosis and actionable alerts.

BLUE mobile game complies with the demands of modern healthcare data handling: No log-in or user identity required; Each user owns their data and may choose to share it at granular or detailed level. Clinicians will prescribe BLUE gameplay to seniors, so as to gain access to their health data.

With low-cost, non-intrusive, mobile-phone-based healthcare, integration of proactive healthcare into smart city systems will be easy and effective.