“Genius hour” pedagogy has proven success.  QUÉ snacks this concept into a “genius minute” where students select a puzzle, solve it, then present their solution to their peers and teachers, all within 10 minutes.

QUÉ reframes complex topics into simplified visuals on a 7×7 grid, encouraging “school-in-a-game” learning with these abstract-themed representations.  Ownership and competition bring benefits of stronger, longer lasting mental connection to the topic being learned.

QUÉ is a platform for teaching and assessing creativity and critical thinking, with a responsive interface to instantly evaluate the logical strength of each decision made.  This AI-driven learning environment is an effective tool for teachers to assess, certify and integrate students’ aptitude and learning progression.  Using data collected, students can be clustered by problem-solving styles and speed of comprehension so that they can be taught in specialized sub-classes.

The end-to-end educational value delivered by QUÉ in a minimalist game design is a preview of AI-powered curricula of future schools.