More than 60% of smartphone users play games on their devices. Mobile gaming is therefore the platform of choice for digital inclusion across all demographics.

COMFIED BLUE mobile game is a daily inter-city tournament, played in 4,300 cities globally.  BLUE works both offline and online.  For online users, gaming content is updated regularly, free of charge.  BLUE comes in 20 languages and works on the lowest specification android smartphones.

The primary output is an open data map of city minds – a treasure trove for data scientists and app developers to analyze urban perspectives, migrant connections and thought processes diversity.  COMFIED’s open design will enable new data mashups for urban population research and provide tools for researchers to test for efficacy of the mental cycle theory.

COMFIED’s market entry point is a casual puzzle game that aims to recruit 1.5 billion android smartphone game players.  The design incentivizes frequent play and the sharing gaming skills with friends.