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How can ecommerce vendors find customers easily, affordably and efficiently irrespective of product, market segment or sales channel?


Suite of 3 apps designed to reduce costs and simplify customer acquisition for online vendors selling low cost goods and services


US$ 3 monthly subscription to auto-message shoppers, promote sales events, partner for hamper sales and access market data APIs


Buyer-driven marketplace providing vendors with a stream of ready-to-buy shoppers, each with a known budget and clear purchase timelines


Shopping calendar for vendors to publish their offers and discounts so that shoppers can schedule their money-saving purchases


AI-generated list of items from multiple vendors, packaged and sold as convenient cost-saving hampers on online catalogs


Real-time retail data with information on consumer preferences and shopping behavior by product, brand and purchase power


Progress: 9% – Request buyer-driven marketplace app for android developed, published and launched on Google Play store


COMFIED (COMmerce simpliFIED) is a tech startup on a mission to fix the first mile of shopping: what, where and when to buy and sell