0101 is a gallery of smart art. Artwork published on 0101 is transformed into gaming content.

The much-hyped business of trading in digital art NFTs for profit is plagued with pitfalls. Speculative valuation, volatile future worth, market trends opacity, invisibility of smaller players, high minting gas fees and illiquid marketplaces collectively disqualify digital art NFTs from mainstream financial markets.

“0101” overcomes these hurdles and certifies digital art as creditworthy resources. Primarily, 0101 is a puzzle game you can play on your mobile browser. Potentially it is much more – it is a showcase of how digital art can be transformed into recurring income generating assets. Each artwork published on the 0101 platform doubles as a complete puzzle game that earns monthly ad revenue.

This approach to monetizing digital art enables valuation and value retention to be computed using real money-earning capacity, just like other market-friendly securities. It is a foundational design for a neobank where you deposit digital art that earns monthly cash dividends and accesses credit.

The simplicity of creating, publishing and marketing on 0101 will lower the earning barrier for thousands of casual gamers and digital art hobbyists, providing them with a path to passive income.